Environmental Protection Cases

Enhance Biodiversity

Sown wildflower strips is a measure to enhance and support biodiversity especially in intensively farmed areas. The overall goal with the establishment of wildflower strips is to enhance biodiversity and the abundance of certain species groups such as insects, birds and plants. Sown wildflower strips are usually established on arable land by sowing a seed mixture of wild flowers. Establishment and management are carried out by the farmer, who is compensated for the cost of seed mixtures, any management operations required and loss of income.

Water Wise

This action supports projects that contribute in water conservation, irrigation infrastructure improvements and overall water quality protection.

Low-input Agriculture

Organic farming does not use synthetic chemical pesticides or readily soluble mineral fertilizers as opposed to conventional, mass-marketed products. This is a clear environmental benefit for biodiversity and soil protection. The support should include funds to farmers switching to organic food production and financial incentives to remain in organic farming.