Acren Token

Your chance to become part of the Acren ecosystem


A Token bonded to the Acren Platform


Bonded to Platform

The price of the Acren Token is technically linked to the growth of the Acren Platform. The more people use Acren, the higher the price of the token.

Impact Investment

When you donate through Acren, you automatically receive the Acren Token. You become an impact investor and get the opportunity to make a profit.


With every action on the Acren Platform you support the Acren ecosystem. You increase the value of the Token and you are doing something good for the environment.

Fully Collaterized

Each time Acren Tokens are purchased, the funds are securely stored in a Smart Contract for withdrawals. You can sell your tokens at the best possible price at any time.

Token design

The Acren Token is based on a Bonding Curve.
All properties are defined in the Acren Bonding Curve Contract.

The Token price is determined by a predefined price curve

The value of the Acren Token automatically increases with its supply
Unlimited Token supply through automatic token issuance
Smart Contract as market maker guarantees continuous liquidity